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Metabolic Efficiency
Nutrition Testing

We’re excited to offer the Metabolic Efficiency Nutrition Package. While metabolism can be measured several different ways, only a small amount of dietitians in the country offer this program. In addition, Bodyfuel is the only company in the Kansas City area to provide this service. This nutrition package is geared toward high-level triathletes and endurance athletes or those who strive for top performance and want to advance efficiency in burning body fat as fuel or improve body composition.

With Metabolic Efficiency Nutrition Testing, individuals will:

  • Know specific fat-burning numbers
  • Spare carbohydrates during competition by knowing real numbers
  • Train more efficiently through nutrition planning
  • Have the necessary data to help change body composition 

The initial testing is done in collaboration with the University of Kansas Medical Center and includes the RMR testing. With this testing, you’ll learn about using your body fat for fuel. Results include a specific nutrition and training plan based on your personal metabolic efficiency to help aid your body’s ability to burn fat and spare carbohydrates. This can improve competition results through decreased gut and cramping issues.

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We offer several ways to determine your metabolism (metabolic rate)

      1. Calculations  -  Simple method for all clients, using height, weight, age and body fat percentage.
      2. Microlife’s MedGem  -  More accurate information, this is a quick and easy in-office test of resting metabolic rate with an oxygen/carbon dioxide analyzer during a fast. This method is especially good for athletes, underweight, extreme weight, and weight-resistance clients.
      3. Metabolic Efficiency Nutrition  -  The most informative and accurate testing using the ParvoMedic metabolic cart. This is an excellent option for the serious athlete and can be a tool for metabolic syndrome.

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